Tower Farms

Urban farms and community farmers have made it their mission to help bring fresh, nutritious food to more people. Tower Farms take that mission a step further by empowering Tower Farmers to:

  • Grow up to 3x faster
  • Enjoy up to 30% higher yields
  • Use 90% less space
  • Cut down on water usage by 98%

Better Food for a Better Future and Stronger Communities

Because their vertical structure requires so much less space than traditional farming, Tower Farms can blossom on rooftops, in greenhouses, in airports — almost anywhere in or near your community. So you can:

  • Reduce food miles (shipping distance)
  • Ensure fresher, cleaner, better tasting produce
  • Reduce a need for: large farming equipment, maintaining land, dedicating time to weeding

Plus, because Tower Farms don’t rely on soil, you don’t need any previous agricultural experience to get started, and that minimal water usage helps keep your overhead low.


Growing guidance is here

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